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Hello, Gorgeous!

I'm Valerie,

A reality TV-watching, animal-loving introvert

& self-improvement enthusiast.

I  also love all things hair!

Some things I believe: 

-Hair is a part of our identity.

-You should love your hair every day in between appointments.

-Hair is an investment.

-When you invest in me as your stylist, the return is tenfold.

I love using my knowledge and experience to create looks that last so you can focus on what's important to you.

 Because I believe in being attentive, providing an amazing experience, and delivering realistic, beautiful, confidence-boosting hair to my naturally curly-haired babes! 

When I'm not in the salon...

You will find me hanging out with my 2 wonderful kids and husband.

Oh! And with our sweet baby dogs!

I like to keep a full plate of life and tacos!

I love ALL things self-help and listening to a good audible book.

And I always say- If the 'hair thing' doesn't work out, I'm going to become a counselor!

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